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    2016 Ceiling Restoration Project

This year's Restoration Phase concerns the repair and renewal of the church celings.
Phase 1 has now been completed!


The ceilings are currently in a very poor state of repair due to rainwater damage after a lead theft in the early 2000s. The roof has been secured, but the damage to the ceiling remains. There are large holes in the plaster and a considerable amount of flaking paintwork. We are hoping to have the ceiling completely redecorated and fully restored, so that the interior space of St. Thomas is more attractive and the church is preserved for future generations to enjoy.

The gallery walls and ceilings were completely restored in the first part of 2016, following hours of painstaking labour, at a cost of over £6,000. The next part of the works will focus on the main nave ceiling (below), which is badly damaged.

The cost of phase 2 will be in the region of £12,000. The church has already managed to secure a proportion of this through its "Friends" group; we hope that other individulals and charitable groups might help us to make up the shortfall - the church is not at present able to afford the entirety of the works from its own funds.

This is a particularly exciting time at St. Thomas - for the first time in many years, we are moving towards a situation of relative financial sustainability, and there is a renewed sense of optimism, energy and vision as to what the church can provide for the local community. There are lots of new initiatives taking place; there is a slowly growing pool of volunteers, and events are increasingly well attended. Getting the building in excellent interior condition is a real priority for the church if we are to continue to build upon recent successes for the community, in particular operating as a venue for arts and musical performances, as well as preserving the invaluable heritage of the building for the people of Stockport.

In order to help St. Thomas look its best, we need your support so that the vital ceiling works can be completed to a high standard. This is a project where even a small donation can make a big difference. Even £10 brings us closer to completing the ceiling entirely, helping St. Thomas' to look as good as new.

If you would like to help us meet the challenge of the ceiling restoration, you can make a donation in person to the Churchwardens please get in touch if you would like any further information. Thank you in advance for your support! Phase 1 completed! - gallery ceilings before and after restoration. Huge thanks go to everyone who supported the project - it looks incredible.

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